what happen to cinnanmon brown?

david brown she she still in prison for killing linda bailey brown

David Arnold Brown is still locked up in New Folsom Prison in California, although he is reportedly enɡɑɡed to a woman who started writing to him. His father has passed away, and, until recently, his daughter Krystal, lived with his mother. Krystal, David’s child with his murdered wife, Linda, 23, is in her late teens, almost as old as her mother was when she was shot fatally. She has recently moved away from the grandmother who raised her and begun life on her own. Cinnamon Brown is 32 now and she has been out of prison for more than a decade. She has a family of her own and a very responsible job with a large corporation. Patti Bailey, 35, has also been free for years. She regained custody of her toddler daughter, Heather, remarried and gave birth to twin boys. In the dozen or more years since I left Orange County, California and David Brown’s trial, I have lost touch with the prosecutor and the detectives who brought justice to Cinnamon. My last email from one of the detectives said only, “Much has changed,” but no more than that. Sometimes, even I lose track of people.
Here are web sites for the entertainer Cinnamon Brown:
Here is a web site with info about her release – Ann Rule is the author of a popular book about the killing “If You Really Loved Me”: www.annrules.com/printnews.htm

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Cinnamon Brown

Day 2 of the Chris Brown-Rihanna episode was fairly calm compared to its opening gambit. Rihanna is recovering from her wounds, whatever they are, while Chris Brown must deal with the fallout from a percolating scandal. Already he’s been dropped from a Wrigley’s gum campaign. But that’s just the tip of what could be an ugly iceberg. Brown is now scheduled for an arraignment in the first week of March. Some reports question whether or not some kind of plea bargain will occur before that date. In many cases, especially with celebrities, jail can be avoided with big fines, public acts of contrition, and heartfelt visits to Oprah.

David Brown died in March of this year . Cinnamon works for a big company and is married with children . She is doing very well . Patty Bailey Brown is doing well “now” She has her daughter and is married and had twins with her husband . Sorry maybe heartless but I was glad to hear that David Brown died cause he died exactly where he deserved to be and that is in prison . He was in Corcoran state prison which is not too far from where I live . The creep may he burn in hell !

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what happen to cinnanmon brown?
david brown she she still in prison for killing linda bailey brown

Answer 6

David Brown is a mater manipulator I hope his new wife figures that out.

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Unfortunately, Cinnamon s husband committed suicide. I don t know how she s doing now. I hope she is well, she deserves a break in life.

This situation ꜱᴜcκs and the young women who died, who was betrayed by her own damn sister (who gets to live life still) had so much life to live. God bless her soul.

Why would we want links to the entertainer??? That’s not who we’re talking about.

For the best answers, search on this site www.annrules.com/printnews.htm
no idea but sooner or later everybody will know but they always had fight together

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