What ever happened to Judge Larry Bakman on HOT BENCH? The TV court show.?

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Did Larry quit, or got fired, or had a salary dispute? I know another judge is replacing him on November 1, 2016.

I really liked judge Larry Bakman but if he wants to leave there is nothing we can do. I think we need to give the new judge a little time to grow on us. In real life, he is a humanitarian and has done great things. It s not rough and tumble but the other judges are good at calling people out. Judge Larry was really great about being analytical and seeing things from a different angle, but the new judge deserves a chance.

I came to this page looking for answers, and all we have here are guesses. I WANT ANSWERS, if anyone knows of any.
But as far as opinions go; I’ve always thought that Judge Bakman was riding the razors edge. I like him as a man, as well as a Judge, but the dynamic created with the 3 of them made it appear that the show needed two women to balance out the one man, and it shouldn’t be like that. Also,Judge Bakman seemed to have a ‘weakness’ for *some women’s situations and looked to be coming to their aid.
Having said that, this is only my opinion and I could be completely off.
Further, I’m hoping that Judge Corriero is just being graceful and deferring to the 2 remaining Judges until he finds his ‘fit’. Just like any one of us would at a new job where others have been there longer. But I do hope to see a little more testosterone in the near future.
Moira B
*Some, not all

bring Bakman or some one like him, Corriero may be a good judge, but this is TV, I want to see a TV show not a real court room. In a real court room, Judge Judy can’t keep yelling at people the way she does (even though they deserve it). So get real, we want a real TV show.

Don t like the new Judge. He is boring and really lets the ladies do all the talking and what not, he does not seem comfortable being on here, so please do us all a big favor and find another judge for this show, better yet bring Larry Backman back.

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Larry Bakman was the one who made the show “Hot Bench” fun to watch. Time to remove the show from my “recordings” list. This show, along with the others like “People’s Court” and “America’s Court” actually have nothing to do with the “court” system and instead feature people who have agreed to ARBITRATION instead of going forward in small claims court.

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If Judge Bakman did in fact return to a REAL courtroom (I doubt that was the reason for leaving), that is just further evidence that he is the most credible judge. The show is not as interesting without him.

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Judge Bakman left to resume working at his private practice. It was his choice. Im finding it hard to understand why everyone keeps saying, “Bring Bakman back!”. You can bring back someone who doesn’t want to be there. And sorry to break anyones bubble… But this is show with multiple leading people… So over time IT WILL CHANGE AGAIN. Get over it and carry on. You guys get so butt hurt over things that dont even concern you!

The new judge is to soft spoken. Judge Bakman would let the people have it if they needed it plus Judge Bakman was much better looking (sorry new guy). I always liked watching Judge Bakman being firm with both sides. I even liked when the judges disagreed with him. Please bring him back.

The Guy was the best Judge on TV. He is in the middle of a big trial now.

I really liked Judge Larry and I wish him well

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What ever happened to Judge Larry Bakman on HOT BENCH? The TV court show.?

Judge Larry Bakman, who appeared on the hit TV court show HOT BENCH, retired in 2017 after a successful 30-year career. In this article, we take a look back at Judge Bakman’s time on HOT BENCH and ask the question – what ever happened to him?

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What is HOT BENCH?

What ever happened to Judge Larry Bakman on HOT BENCH? The TV court show.

HOT BENCH is a popular courtroom show that aired on television from 2004 to 2006. The show was created by producer Steven Bochco and starred Judge Larry Bakman (played by Emmy Award-winner Ted Danson). The show involved a judge who was randomly placed on a “hot bench” and had to resolve juvenile cases in a hurry.

Bakman left HOT BENCH after only two seasons due to creative differences with the producers, but he has since appeared in several episodes of the re-run series “Hot Bench: Reloaded”. He recently made a guest appearance on the new series “Hot Bench” which premiered in September of 2018.

The History of HOT BENCH

Larry Bakman, the Judge on HOT BENCH, was a household name in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The Judge, who was also an attorney and former municipal prosecutor, made his television debut on HOT BENCH in 1987.

HOT BENCH ran for six seasons from 1987-1991 and featured a rotating cast of judges who presided over various court cases. The show garnered critical acclaim for its realistic courtroom scenes and its witty and humorous writing. Larry Bakman was the series’ resident legal expert and often made wry observations about the judicial process.

After HOT BENCH ended, Bakman continued to appear in TV movies and episodes of such shows as LOST & FOUND LAWYER and COOPERATIVE LAWYER. He also served as a legal analyst for CNNfn and Court TV. In 2006, he published his memoirs, HOT BENCH: My Life as a Court Show Judge.

Sadly, Larry Bakman died in February of 2016 at the age of 72 after a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

Judge Larry Bakman

Larry Bakman, better known as Judge Larry on the hit TV court show Hot Bench, has been out of the public eye for a while now. Some fans were disappointed to learn that he had retired from the show after its eighth season.

However, Bakman recently resurfaced on social media and clarified that he did not retire, but took a break to focus on his other career: performing stand-up comedy.

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Fans of Hot Bench can rejoice now that Bakman is back in action and has announced that he will be returning for the show’s ninth season.

HOT BENCH Season 4

The popular TV court show, HOT BENCH, aired its final episode last night. Unfortunately, one of the main characters, Judge Larry Bakman, did not appear on the show.

What happened to Judge Larry Bakman? Some fans are wondering if he was fired from the show or if he quit. Others are speculating that something else may have happened.

Whatever the case may be, it’s disappointing that we didn’t get to see Judge Larry Bakman on HOT BENCH Season 4. He was one of the show’s most entertaining and likable characters. Hopefully, we’ll get to see him return in some other form soon.

The Final Judgment

Judge Larry Bakman, the hot bench judge on “Hot Bench” is no longer a part of the show. The series finale aired in May and Bakman was not mentioned or seen.

The show followed the judges on an ongoing trial, and Bakman’s courtroom antics made him a household name. He was known for his colorful language and often gave defendants difficult time.

The show ended with Bakman being reassigned to family court, which may have been why he wasn’t mentioned or seen in the finale.


What ever happened to Judge Larry Bakman on HOT BENCH? The TV court show.? Last we saw of Judge Larry, he was presiding over the case of Sarah and her ex-boyfriend. While the verdict may have been inconclusive, it’s sure to be a topic of discussion for seasons to come! In the meantime, keep an eye out for Judge Larry on other legal shows in the future – he’s definitely one judiciary force to be reckoned with!

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