what dose xp mean in text?

if someone writes xp in a text what dose that mean?

xp is a smiley.

x would be like >< only close together, so two eyes and p is the tongue. some people write XP, so xp in capitals. its the same thing. just a smiley.

It’s like XD. Look at it side ways and it looks like a face with an X eye expression like in South Park and then the p is a tongue sticking out!

Its Actually a face its Basically A happy face like


xD – Lauging
xP – Funny
XO- Shocked

The X is basically represented closed eyes, you know? like when your laughing really really hard and your face bunches up.. Maybe thats just me but.. ahah Hope I helped

What Is Xp

It is like a smiley face the x is the eyes and the p is kinda like face ;D xP

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Its supposed to be someone clenching their eyes closed and sticking out their tongue. It means something like “haha i’m being silly”.

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its like a smiley, that’s sticking out it’s tongue and squinting it’s eyes just turn it side ways and you’ll see it. Hope that answers Your question.

it is showing someone being cheeky..i.e: sticking there tongue out and screwing there face up!!

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xD – Lauging

xP – Funny

XO- Shocked

(^_^) or (^-^) smile.

(`_^) or (^_~) wink.

(>_<) in pain. (<_>) sad.

(^o^) singing.

(^o^)/ very excited (rasing hands).

(-_-) or (~_~) or (=_=) annoyance, sleeping.

(-.-)zzZ sleeping.

(¬_¬) eyeing something or someone, rolling one’s eyes.

(<_<) or (>_>) or (c_c) skepticism, looking around

(;_;) or (T_T) crying.

(@[email protected]) dazed.

(o_O) confused, surprise, disbelief.

(O_O) shocked.

(0_<) flinch, nervous wink. (._.) intimidated, sad, ashamed. ($_$) chaching! (x_x) or (+_+) dead, knocked out or giving up. (n_n) pleased. (u_u) annoyance, sarcasm, sometimes disappointment. (9_9) or (+_+) rolleyes. (e_e) up to mischief. (o_e) twitching eye. (*_*) starstruck. ;o; or ;O; crying loudly.

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(I_I) "What?", mellow. (`’•.¸(`’•.¸*¤*¸.•’´)¸.•’´) ....¤ *. ηιχ .* ¤..•” (¸.•’´(¸.•’´*¤*`’•.¸)`’•.¸)

It actually means something totally stupid. But over the years people started to think it was a facial expression.

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