what dose poco rit. mean on sheet music?

also if you know can you tell me what the lines above these notes mean?

It means literally “little slow down” poco meaning little and rit (ritardando) meaning gradually slow down. But the whole phrase just means to rit a little bit. Not a complete rit, just a slight rit.:)))) Hope that helps you! mwah!

Source(s): Years of playing flute, and having to know vocabulary for auditions.

Dolce is sweetly and cantabile is singing… Cresc is short for crescendo – growing.. meaning to get progressively louder. Dim. is short for diminuendo: dwindling or gradually decreasing volume (this is also the same as decrescendo) Poco is alittle… Allarg is short for allargando which means broadening, becoming a little slower. So.. alittle slower. A tempo means in time… you should return to the main tempo of the piece (after an accelerando or ritardando, etc.) Poco Rit.. again, poco is alittle. Rit is short for ritardando which means slowing down; decelerating. Acc is short for accelerando: accelerating,gradually increasing the tempo Sotto voce – under voice orsoftly and subdued, as if speaking under your breath Rall is short for rallentando :broadening of the tempo, progressively slower (similar to ritardando) Molto: means very… Hope that helps

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what dose poco rit. mean on sheet music?
also if you know can you tell me what the lines above these notes mean?

it stands for poco ritardando which means slow down a little. on a regular ritardando, you’ll dramatically slow dow. However, on a poco rit., you’ll slow dwon a little as going from a tempo 120 to a tempo 100.

Ritardando Definition

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Define Ritardando

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Short for rallentando meaning gradually decreasing in tempo.

Slow down a little bit… this is momentarily…

The lines above those notes mean that you kind of accent them, but not lifting your fingers so that the sound is not cut short at all.. It is rather like “pressing” well each sound that is marked and must do so very carefully.

slight retard

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