What dose Momentai mean?

Sup guys and gals, I’ve wonderd, but what dose momentai mean? Also on top of that, what is the root(s) of the word? (Like how alot of English words have roots from perticular words in Greek, and Latin)

The Urban Dictionary indicates several meanings, such as “Calm down, Relax, Stop worrying”.
As for the root? I would ssy it is derived from the Latin “momentum, momenti” meaning “moment”.

Momentai Cantonese

It is the transliteration of the Cantonese phrase 冇問題 (mo-men-tai). Literally it means “no problem”, and therefore it bears the meaning of assuring the listening to stay calm. It does not bear the meaning of “moment” at all.
The use by Terriermon in Digimon 03 is because the creature s trainer s Hong Kong descendant, justifying the creature s use of the Cantonese phrase.

It was often used in season 3 of Digimon (Terriermon often told his trainer to “momentai” when the trainer showed signs of being stressed or strung out. It means “moment” or “relax”

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