What does the word “zophtic” mean?

I am reading a book where this word is quite often used and English is not my first language.

It’s Yiddish slang, usually spelled zoftik, or zaftig, and it means a buxom curvaceous woman with a big bust.

Follow the link below to a dictionary of Yiddish slang, and the last word there is zoftik…

Define Zaftig

I’ve never heard of that word, but it sounds a lot like “zaftig,” which is a slang term to describe a pleasingly plump woman.

Any of various invertebrate animals resembling a plant, as a coral or a sea anemone.

It is Zoophytic

plump woman, little on the big side, big boned healthy

Answer 6

Are you sure the word isn’t “zoophytic”?


or is it “zaftig”


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