what does the word ‘mineau’ mean in french?

my dad is from south louisiana and came up with the name “mineau” for my little dog. he says it’s their cajun word for small or little thing…I can’t find if that’s correct online. does anyone know what it means? (sounds like “me-new”) thanks!

You must mean «moineau» which means sparrow. «Villain moineau»: means “dirty crook!”
I checked for «mineau» in my French dictionary but obviously as it does not exist I could not find it.
I’ve just been thinking that it could be «mignon» which means cute, , sweet, kind, pretty (especially for «mignonnet»).

Source(s): French native speaker.

My mother was from France & every one of her cats was named Mineau. I was always told it was a variation of kitty

You can use the babylon to do what you want. It’s the best dictionary and translation tool: http://babylon.sitedee.com/

loving name for a cat

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