What does the principal quantum number determine?

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7 is the correct answer.

the principle quantum number, n, indicates the total energy of an orbital.

Yo bro, this looks like a McGraw-Hill connect question. What do you realize, I merely replied it in my account. 6s, 6d, 6d, 6f, 6g, 6h are all obtainable THEORETICALLY. examine all of them! a effective little piece of know-how; the style of orbitals interior the sub-stages will advance by skill of atypical numbers (a million, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, . . .). So initiate with 6s = a million, 6p = 3, and kill the rest so as. (Google a quantum huge style chart and leaf interior the process the photographs to locate some thing that is going as much as n = 7 in case you opt for the seen representation.)

The energy of an orbital and The overall size of an orbital

overall size of an orbital
the energy of an orbital

Source(s): MC and pg 315 of 3rd ed molecular approach

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correct answer is 1 and 7

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