What does the formula below represent?

What does the components listed beneath characterize? co2+ water+ vitality → c6h12o6 a: manufacturing of fat in animals b: manufacturing of glucose in vegetation c: manufacturing of water in vegetation d: manufacturing of co2 in animals

Response 1

B. manufacturing of glucose in vegetation (pinnacle).

Response 2

Photosynthesis Description:.

Response 3

The suitable response is various A: “photosynthesis”. Description: Photosynthesis is the process by producers, similar to vegetation and a few germs, at which they produce glucose from co2 and water using sunshine as water fountain of vitality. Oxygen is a by-product of photosynthesis, which is utilized by cardio organisms to hold out mobile respiration. The components herein consisted of represents the process of photosynthesis, contemplating that the combination of co2 (CO2) and water (H20), produces glucose (C6H1206) and oxygen (02 ).

Response 4

The suitable response is various B, that’s, manufacturing of glucose in vegetation. The conversion of co2 and water to supply vitality (glucose) within the existence of sunshine, whereas releasing oxygen as a by-product is known as photosynthesis. Within the process of photosynthesis, 6 particles of co2 reply with 6 particles of water within the existence of sunshine and produce 1 particle of glucose and 6 particles of oxygen. 6CO ₂ + 6H ₂ O → C ₆ H ₁₂ O ₆ + 6O ₂.

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Response 5

B.Manufacturing of glucose in vegetation.

Response 6

That might be A. Photosynthesis.

Response 7

The components gives the overall summed up components of photosynthesis.

Response 8

The components represents Carb.

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