What does the eagle flies at midnight mean? Or maybe after midnight? This was sent by an x of 9 years?

It’s just one of those idiotic pass phrases people use. Some define it as “eagles only fly after dark.” Maybe the person she’s with now is leaving tonight and it’s a code that she wants to talk with you later.

Here are a couple of phrases, I picked up while searching to see if anyone had a definition…

“The sun is hot, but the ice is slippery.”
“Walt sent me.”
“John kicked the bucket.”
The circus elephant has lost its way.

While the Urban Dictionary doesn’t define “the eagle flies at midnight,” here is what they do have…

“The duck flies at midnight”

A codename, stands for “Party at Darlene’s Bar”

“So is the duck gonna fly at midnight?”
“Yup. We’re gonna get so cronked” (cronked = drunk)

And finally, “the duck quacks at midnight.”
Response: Oh, it will…

I think the operative phrase in your question is “x of 9 years.” Unless you still really have a thing for her, you might just want to ignore the email. LOL

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The Eagle flies on Friday, saturday I go out to play… from Stormy Monday blues song from T-Bone Walker, covered by others such as Allman Brothers or BB King (+)

Looks like you americans had Friday as payday; your coins used to have an Eagle at the back, then at the bar… the coins (=the eagles) used to “fly”… for beer…


Back in my day (just after dinosaurs became extinct), the phrase “the eagle flies” meant “payday”.

As in, “The eagle flies on Friday” meant “I get paid on Fridays.”

I don’t know why. It’s like some sorta code people made up to pretend that it was a big secret when payday was.

could have been cheating on you.

there’s a line in a song,forgot the band,
the eagle flies on Friday,,
Saturday i go out to play.


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