what does tauba tauba mean in Urdu?


Tauba literally means “repent”. But when one says “tauba tauba”, they’re really saying “God forbid” or “Oh my God”. The phrase is used as an exclamation, and can be used both positively and negatively.

Examples: “Tauba tauba! What beautiful eyes she has!” or “Tauba tauba! May that sort of ill luck never befall us.”

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Tauba Meaning

TAUBA means a promise to refrain from bad things. For instance a man says TAUBA from drinking.
It mayalso having a different meaning also. It can a sign of exclamation. For instance some one sees a very beatiful girl and he say “MERI TAUBA”.

Urdu (Transliterated) “Taubah taubah” : ‘heaven forbid’, from Urdu (Transliterated) “Taubah” : ‘repentance’.

its an exclamation of seeing or hearing something evil or un pure nature

Answer 6

They both mean forgiveness

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