what does “rixhm” mean? google is no help?

so now that we’ve established that i saw it from https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=LmlAf-lk-Cc (8:53) anyone new have an answer?

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former name of Staten Island (def 2). 2. a port in and the capital of Virginia, in the E part on the James River: capital of the Confederacy 1861–65. 3. Also called Richmond-upon-Thames

Google says it’s a place… But is that what is really is? Because if it is just a place why didn’t CinemaSins tell us?

It’s just CinemaSins trolling us.

don t take my word on this but I think it means Rector Indocility Xerafin Hydrosomes Mishap

Answer 6

I think it means going down or go down

Answer 7


urgh, im still confuse of what rixhm means..

No idea. Where did you see it, can you give a link please?

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