What does OVP mean under rank on CBS Fantasy Football?

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I think it means Opponent versus Position. Which if I understand correctly, is a rank of the opponent against that position where 1 is best and 32 is worst. For example, if you have Calvin Johnson, and you see he is playing the Broncos, and the OVP is “1”, that means that CJ would be facing an opponent that is ranked #1 against WRs. Of course, those matchups ꜱᴜcκ, cuz it makes you at least consider sitting him. And of course, this is the exact situation I face this week…

Ideally, you want to have a lineup where the OVPs are all 17 and over.


Ranks how the upcoming opposing team has performed against a specific position for previous games. A higher rank is better for you regarding the upcoming game as it means they are not as good than a team with a lower rank.

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QB – 5 RB – 6 WR -5 TE – 5 Flex – 4 K – 8 DST – 8 Overall – 5.85 Your team blows!!

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I understand the general concept here but is is “opponent vs position” based on ranking? yds allowed? fantasy pts allowed?


What does a low versus high number mean?

Opponents vs Position.

(now, do you know what that means?)


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