What does outstanding insurance transaction mean?

I emailed my Dmv Proof of insurance in about a week ago and i still didnt get their mail back saying they got my insurance papers. Then i went online to submit insurance information and this is what came up.

Basically that means that they have already received your insurance documents and have everything on file. You just have not received the written confirmation which was probably already mailed to you.

If you don’t receive it by say Wednesday, December 22nd, then give them a call early in the morning. I am sure you will receive the confirmation before then though.

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I have the best answer for this.
This recently happened to me, so I mailed in the forms.
If you can not log in online (DMV does not have an outstanding insurance transaction for this vehicle.) That means that everything is TAKEN CARE OF!! YOU ARE JUST FINE!!! I used the automated system and it was very easy and quick the operator clearly stated that since my information can not be found it is BECAUSE I DO NOT HAVE AN OUTSTANDING ( pending, or open file) WITH THE DMV. This means that the request is closed. ALL GOOD!!!

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I normally say hope this helps, but this is the TRUTH and it should take stress off your shoulders.

It says, that their records do not indicate that your car is insured, using that VIN number.

Insurance companies notify the DMV, when policies are taken out and cancelled. They match the active policy to the vin. Either your insurance policy has the wrong vin number (common), or you don’t actually have insurance in place at this time (also common).


in the UK proof of insurance is required before they will issue a registration disk

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you have nothing to lose by simply calling that DMV number and that is what I would do.

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I do not consider that to be true

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