What does “nacho libre” mean?

In Spanish, Free Wrestling is called “Lucha Libre”. So if the guy’s (the wrestler priest) nickname was Nacho, they thought it would sound funny to call the movie “Nacho Libre”. Since “Nacho Libre” and “Lucha Libre” sound pretty close.
Literally it would mean “Free Nacho”. Which is a good title for the film because it alludes to the priest’s “uninhibited ways”.

Nacho Libre Translation

Nacho Definition

Nacho Libre is a film starring Jack Black. His Character Ignacio, Nacho for short, is a cook at an orphanage. He becomes a wrestler, Lucha Libre, to raise funds for said orphanage.

Free nacho…not free as in it doesn’t cost anything, free as in it isn’t imprisoned. Nacho is a nickname for Nathaniel, so it could be talking about a person.
A “nacho gratis” would be a nacho free of charge.

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What does “nacho libre” mean?

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Nacho means nachos and libre means free so i geuss it means free nachos

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Nacho is a common nick-name for Ignacio…
The sign reads “Free Nacho” as in from prison.

in this case nacho is the characters name and libre means free

Free nacho there is no translation for Nacho.

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