What does LG mean on a cell phone?

Does it man lifes good or lucky goldstar?

The previous company name was Lucky-GoldStar, from which the abbreviation of LG was derived. The current “Life’s Good” slogan is a backronym. Before the corporate name change to LG, household products were sold under the brand name of Lucky, while electronic products were sold under the brand name of GoldStar (Hangul:금성). The GoldStar brand is still perceived as a discount brand.
In September 2007, LG launched an online video contest called “Life’s Good When…” to generate awareness of their “life’s good” philosophy and encourage consumers to engage positively with the brand. The contest, which is hosted by YouTube, has generated over 600 entries and 700,000 video views by November. Winners will receive more than $30,000 worth of LG appliances and electronics.


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Lucky Goldstar.
That’s what LG stands for, Life’s Good is just a catchy slogan that happens to alliterate to the LG initials.

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Answer 6

Used to be called Lucky-Goldstar – company that makes them in Korea. It may make them for a wireless carrier too.

Answer 7

Used to be lucky goldstar,Now it is life’s good.

lifes good, but not if you have one as they are made by phillips, brilliant tv’s and personal hygiene products but awfull phones.

It means lifes good x


I think it depends

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