what does korean word ‘isanghae’ mean in english?

my korean buddy ended up being composing for me in korean and stated ‘하나는 진자 이상해’ I believe it indicates unusual but I am uncertain

I believe 진자 ended up being said to be 진짜. It indicates ‘a person is actually weird/strange.’ I am not great at outlining sentence structure material but We’ll take to my far better seem sensible. Right here, ‘one’, is suggesting at a definite some thing or individual. Like if there is five oranges, ‘one’ (of this five oranges) tend to be unusual. I recently discovered you almost certainly realize currently and you are clearly simply asking in regards to the term 이상해 isanghae. Oops sorry.

It indicates “The pendulum is a strange ”

이상해 : ‘to be unusual, uncommon’

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