what does kapal ng mukha mo mean in english?

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what does kapal ng mukha mo mean in english?

“kapal ng mukha mo” or “ang kapal ng mukha mo” literally means “Your face is thick!” This is Filipino by the way.
It is said to someone who feels no shame for doing something. For example, you did a lot of favors for someone and then you found out that that person betrayed you in some way, then you say that to his/her face “Kapal ng mukha mo!”.

Kapal Ng Mukha In English

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ang kapal ng muka mo First, it should be “mukha” not muka. Mukha means face. Kapal means thick. Literally, it means, “you are thick-faced”. When somebody tells you “ang kapal ng mukha mo”, it means he/she thinks that you are, as others have pointed-out already, shameless. Other variants of this expression are “ang kapal mo” – no need to say “mukha” because “kapal” already denotes being shameless. Or sometimes, mukha is shortened to “muks” as in “kapal muks ka”. Did somebody say this to you? Sometimes it is said in jest, so you have nothing to worry about. Other times, there is accompanying disgust in it.

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It means Insolent not Thick Face.

Kapal ng muka in English is effrontery or shameless boldness

Answer 6

I think its “your shameless” or “your barefaced” isn’t ironic? in the Filipino language it says you have a thick face while the English means you bare your naked face…
bare·faced [bèr fáyst]
1. undisguised: shamelessly undisguised
a barefaced lie.

Answer 7

“straight face” as he said it with a straight face

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what does kapal ng mukha mo mean in english?

Kapal ng mukha mo (literally, “face of the mask”) is a phrase used in Filipino mythology to describe an awful monster with the head of a woman and the body of a fish. The creature preys on sailors and fishermen, often attacking them in the night while they sleep. Kapal ng mukha mo is also known by other names such as the alligator fish, monitor lizardfish, and monstrosity of Dacula. Looking for an easy way to learn Filipino words? Check out our online dictionary!

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What is Kapal Ng Mukha?

In English, Kapal Ng Mukha means “face veil.” It is a traditional Muslim head covering that is worn by women to cover their hair and face. Kapal Ng Mukha is also known as a niqab or burqa.

What does Kapal Ng Mukha mean in English?

Kapal Ng Mukha (literally translated as “face veil”) is a headwear worn by Muslim women in many countries around the world. Kapal Ng Mukha is made of cloth, usually white, that hangs down from the front of the head to cover the face completely. It is also worn in conjunction with a hijab or other covering for the hair. Kapal Ng Mukha has been described as “a symbol of modesty and dignity” and has been used to protect Muslim women from physical and verbal abuse.

How to use Kapal Ng Mukha in your daily life?

Kapal ng mukha means “face veil” in English. This tradition is practiced by some women in the Philippines to keep their faces clean and beautiful. There are different ways to wear a kapal ng mukha, including as an accessory, part of a costume, or worn all the time. Kapal ng mukha can also symbolize modesty, piety, or chastity.

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