What does it mean when you hear a whistling sound at night?

So across the street from my house is a forest, I live in a house near the Appalachian mountains. Last night as I was going to bed at around 3 am, I heard whistling sounds that went on for a straight 20 minutes. They were like long almost calming whistles and it also sounded really close and none of my neighbors go outside that late because there are bears. It sounded like a human but it was too fluent and there are no trains near me

It could be a sasquatch or more than one.  They live throughout the Appalachians and are well known for making sounds like that.  While there are ignorant people who will laugh at this, I can assure you that there are hundreds of thousands of people who know better through experience who will attest to this. Try to get some good recordings of them.  Also, though I don’t necessarily recommend poking around in their home, if you did, there would probably be plenty of sign.  They tend to be noisy like this in the night.  Do not report to the BFRO or the authorities because you don’t want bad things to happen.  The sasquatch need to be respected and allowed to live in relative peace.  Check out How to hunt on Youtube.  Steve Isdahl has a good mission when it comes to these beings.

It was the wind.

I think it is CTM making the noise.

Those are spirits.

Have you got your nose pierced lately ? If so you may have developed a leak . Another thing it could be is a whippoorwill or another nightjar singing in the night . Listen to this .

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Could be the Wendigo.

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