what does it mean when “the second hand unwinds”?

Dr. Obvious, I like your interpretation of the song, but I think the meaning of that particular line is simpler than that. Before electric clocks and digital clocks, most clocks had springs and had to be wound (and some still do). As time passes, the clock “unwinds” and has to be wound again. I think “the second hand unwinds” is simply a metaphor for the passage of time.

The Second Hand Unwinds

I always assumed it to be a metaphor for “time passes”. The ticking of the second hand slowly unwinds the spring in the clock. Or the moments of thier lives. For the very young out there, you must remember that until the mid to late 20th century most timepeices were driven by a wound spring – not a battery. Then again, I’m admittedly unqualified to understand anything metaphorical. Especially where it relates to people and music.

I always wondered that too. It is in the Cyndi Lauper song …….. “Time After Time”……….. and I never understood exactly what it meant.
I assumed it meant……. that time stood still for a moment but eventually the ‘second hand unwinds’ …. no matter how hard we try to keep it still.
This is the part where it says that:
You said, “Go slow” I fall behind
The second hand unwinds
If your’re lost, you can look and you will find me
Time after time
If you fall I will catch you I will be waiting
Time after time

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It’s a poetic line from the lyrics to Cyndi Lauper’s song, “Time After Time,” and it refers to any kind of nonsense in life that makes you need someone to love you all the more, like when life falls apart: (clock/time falling apart being the metaphor she’s using). “…The second hand unwinds/ If you’re lost and you’re lonely you will find me/ time after time…”

Answer 6

Perhaps it is all about the second hand of an old clock, the hand that shows the passing hours…so it means that another long hour passed away…an hour of suffering…I suppose…

Answer 7

A repeating event. She keeps finding herself rescuing him over and over. Time after time…..It would seem that her case she wants to do this….I know this one well

I have heard that before but I never knew what it meant.

A bill from the watchmaker.

thanks for all the answers!

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