what does it mean when “the second hand unwinds”?

Dr. clear, i love your explanation regarding the tune, but i do believe this is of this certain range now is easier than that. Before electric clocks and electronic clocks, many clocks had springs together with is wound (many however do). After a while, the time clock “unwinds” and it has is wound once again. I do believe “the next hand unwinds” is definitely a metaphor for duration of time.

The Next Give Unwinds

I usually thought that it is a metaphor for “time passes”. The ticking regarding the second-hand gradually unwinds the springtime when you look at the time clock. Or even the moments of thier resides. For really younger on the market, you need to keep in mind that before middle to belated twentieth century most timepeices had been driven by a wound springtime – maybe not a battery. However, i am undoubtedly unqualified to comprehend everything metaphorical. Specifically in which it pertains to men and women and songs.

I usually wondered that also. It’s when you look at the Cyndi Lauper tune …….. “Time After Time”……….. and I also never ever comprehended just what it suggested.
We thought it meant……. the period endured however for a minute but sooner or later the ‘second hand unwinds’ …. no matter what difficult we you will need to ensure that it it is however.
This is actually the component in which it states that:
You stated, “go-slow” we fall behind
The 2nd hand unwinds
In the event the’re lost, you’ll look and you may get a hold of me
Time upon time
In the event that you fall i’ll capture you i’ll be waiting
Time upon time

It really is a poetic range through the words to Cyndi Lauper’s tune, “time upon time,” and it also means any type of nonsense in life which makes you may need you to definitely love you-all the greater, like whenever life drops aside: (clock/time dropping aside becoming the metaphor she actually is utilizing). “…The second-hand unwinds/ if you are lost while’re lonely there are me/ again and again…”

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Possibly it’s all concerning the second-hand of a vintage time clock, the hand that displays the moving hours…so it indicates that another lengthy time passed on…an time of suffering…i guess…

Answer 7

a saying occasion. She keeps finding by herself rescuing him over repeatedly. Time after time…..It appears to be that the lady situation she would like to do this….I’m sure that one really

We have heard that before but We never ever understood exactly what it suggested.

a costs through the watchmaker.


thank you for most of the responses!

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