what Does it mean when people say = best 2 out of 3. or best 5 out of 9. etc…?

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If 1/4 mean 1 part of 4 equal parts of a thing then according to it: 4/3 means 3 equal parts of any unit 4 5/2 means 2 equal parts of any unit 5 etc……………..

Best Two Out Of Three

it means you keep playing w/e game you are until someone wins the most rounds out of the total. ex. 2 out of 3 means you win 2 games out of the 3 played meaning, you won 2 and lost one, thus you win the game, it’s usually an excuse people use when they’re upset that they’ve lost

People generally say this when they loose a game. At that point they’ve won 0 games out of 1. They request to play 3 games, and whoever wins 2 will be the winner. That way, if they win both of the next games, they end up winning the whole thing. Same with 3 out of 5, they play 5 games and whoever wins 3 is the winner, and 4 out of 7, 5 out of 9, 6 out of 11, and so on.

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