What does it mean when a guy calls you silly?

there is some guy we use that i prefer (and I also’m confident he likes me-too). Really these days he had been like, “you’re style of ridiculous, and it also tends to make myself laugh”. Therefore I ended up being want, “Sorry, i am funny. It simply type of occurred in that way”. The thing that was he indicating by that? Ended up being it supposed to be in a “oh, you are therefore sweet” style of method, or perhaps saying i’m ridiculous generally speaking?

He most likely suggested you are one funny girl since he stated you constantly make myself laugh. I might go on it as a compliment.

It style of depends upon exactly how he claims it, if he claims it with a critical proclaim, he then implies you are therefore sweet, if he had been laughing and smiling as he stated that, he is simply saying your silly generally speaking (:

Remember that the two of you tend to be @ work, he cannot simply state “your sweet, and it also tends to make myself laugh” many people might believe’s intimate harassment. And perhaps you’re ridiculous, i know would just take that as a very important thing.

It really is my knowledge that in the event that you believe he likes you, he most likely does. We are much better about once you understand those actions than we believe. I believe he suggested ‘you’re silly’ in a lovely method, like he believes you are adorable and girlfriend-y.

You might be ridiculous generally speaking. Only examine your concern. Most of us think you’re ridiculous. Smile.

Answer 6

He seemed playful. One believe i ought to alert you of, though, is reading to much into material. Talking from knowledge, in the event that you assess every little thing such as this you can get hung-up from the small things.
Do not think to a great deal about material he claims because, it’s likely that, he don’t often.

Answer 7

He might as if you…but i believe he could be homosexual. No strait man is ever going to state “you’re style of ridiculous” that simply appears kinda homosexual

Possibly he is wobbling with terms – having difficulties revealing their thoughts. If it’s been quite a few years you imagine he could be contemplating you, but does not do just about anything, carefully ask him if he would always make a move to you off work.

ridiculous as with a goofy method, possibly he likes ppl that ridiculous.. in aint a negative thing.. its in fact a very important thing. which means you have got a peronality.


I think whenever I state that we suggested it as ur adorable therefore im confident their informing ur cute

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