What does it mean when a guy calls you doll?

We always text EACHOTHER and yesterday he said “thanks doll”

It’s more just a name we call girls.. Babe.. Baby.. Doll.. Etc.

possibly he grew to become into purely attempting to be humorous. by way of fact while i take advantage of the term “Doll” I say it like this. ME: are you able to close the door? that is freezing! chum: particular. ME: thank you chum, your this way of doll. I do this to be humorous, haha. (: yet while he does not do it that way,possibly he’s purely previous college? Or it must be that he calls you doll by way of fact that is hardly utilized in todays international and he thinks that is unique, so he calls you that. i think of he likes you however… terrific of success.

actually it’s a tad of a derogatory term if you’re a feminist or hard-core women’s rights activist. They get militant about a word or two, but I suppose we all have our moments. If used as an endearing term, it’s harmless and spirited.

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