What does it mean if someone called me a candy girl?

Is this a sugar or honey thing?

I think they would be understating you.
You are much sweeter than candy.

What Is Candy Girl

No one but that person can say what he or she, since your question doesn’t specify male or female, meant. Candy has a definition; but the word candy has many connotations. These connotations vary with time, geography, and culture. Maybe “candy girl” means that you are seen as someone sweet, not in the literal sense, but in the figurative one. Unless of course it’s the response to having kissed your lips and having experienced them as sweet to the taste. Sounds as though you were given a compliment; but only you can know for sure. And, when in doubt, ask and then know for sure.Answer from one who lives in America but who has lived and worked “down under.”

Your are a Candy Girl, but my music taste run to the song by that title from Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons around 1962.
I would take it as a compliment if it was a guy saying it. If it was a woman, it may have been trash talk, or she knows you personally and means you are a sweet gal.

It means that you’ve got to accentuate the positive eliminate the negative and pay no attention to Mr In-between. Accentuate that someone has called you a ” Candy Girl” and interpret that as someone is calling you their Sweetheart. Eliminate that what was said was anything short of that. Pay absolutely no attention to anything that distracts are cast a doubt on the idea that someone has fallen under your spell. Look that someone in the eyes and see that the look of love is in their eyes and their smile is no disguise

Answer 6

Not “Candy Girl,” “You are my candy, Girl.”
(You are the sweetness in my life.)
That link was one of my favorite songs to “The Archie Show,” b/c I was a big nut for keeping up with those teen adventures in elementary school.
I thought “ARCHIE” sang the song. I’d have been surprised to this this little piece of “eye candy” as the true voice behind the song.

Answer 7

Never called a girl ‘Candy girl’ but I used to call punks ‘Candy Asses’. I don’t supposes that’s quite the same.

LOL! I remember being glued to the tv watching that, and being excited it was on. It was top 40 at the time, and quite popular.

I hate that song. Always have . Him too. Try this. Short version.


it means you are a sweet heart. wow I haven’t seen the Archies in years oops I think I just gave away my age

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