What does fiction primarily involve?

Please choose ONE out of these four choices:

Choosing one is hard because most Fiction primarily involves three out off the 4. However I would say Moral Dilemmas

i think I would have to choose Moral dilemmas because that theme sort of incorporates the others, like conflict and universal truths. # 1 u can exclude. A lot of fiction is created out of social issues that ppl cant answer or solve so it only stands to reason that it be the basis for all of the fore mentioned. It is human nature to solve problems, and its also human nature to solve problems through writing about it…so throughout history ppl have written books and novels and poetry to express their desires for the world to understand the predicerment we face as humans. Always wanting to find an answer to the worlds problems. And all of these are moral issues we face as as humans. Just think of all of the novels and etc have been written because of moral issues…its a list forever long. Thats my take on it but i dont have enough room on this place to explain it all.

Conflict if I had to choose one. I would also say moral dilemmas.

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