What does david’s painting napoleon in his study at the tuileries represent?

What does david’s portray napoleon in his research on the tuileries characterize? a. napoleon main his troops throughout the alps b. napoloeon as a strong navy chief and statesman c. napoleon’s go to to troops affected by the plague

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B as a result of he research them

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B. Napoloeon as a strong navy chief and statesman Rationalization: Greater than only a piece of artwork, this portray is a political promotion. Should you look fastidiously, David portrayed Napoleon in full physique, with a transparent and powerful facial features, however most significantly, a person who cannot be shaken up, and somebody who maintains the calm. As a political promotion, this portray is used to point out Napoleon expertise as a governor, and present to the french individuals who was their emperor. An ideal chief!

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first you want to select the favourite to the much less favourite and have your photos in a protector clear plastic then place your pics within the binder clarification:

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artists adopted a algorithm to attain splendid proportion.

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