What does “cogniferous” mean?

In the game “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney,” at the beginning/investigation of the second case, “Turnabout Sisters,” while the victim-to-be is talking to her killer-to-be. During their conversation, the future murderer says the statement pictured above/below. My question is, what on earth does “cogniferous” mean? And if it’s a made-up word, then what is it SUPPOSED to mean?

It’s a made up word. Perhaps based on cognizant.

As Sadsongs says, it’s invented – probably meaning “cognizant” – and appears nowhere outside the Phoenix Wright game.

It may be just a mistake – or, as the game was partly Japanese-developed, it may be a deliberate hat-tip to the slightly-mangled English – “Japlish” – that often appears in anime/manga dubbed into English by non-native speakers.

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