What does Chocosa mean?? (Spanish)?

I speak spanish but am not sure what this word means, help.

wow. today i am find lot of word that i dont know the meaning.. in spanish.
this (spanish) is my own language but i don’t know what chocosa mean, but i am spanish not south american. maybe a south american will know
im sorry i couldnt help you and also sorry if my english is bad

What country uses this word? I’m from a Spanish-speaking country (Puerto Rico), but I’ve never heard this word before.

Either a place in Sonora, Mexico, or somebody from the Chocos district in the Yauyos province, Peru.

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From Peru, in South America, and I don´t know either.

It means someone who is haughtiness. Chocosa its for a girl and chocoso for a boy.

Answer 6

Chocar means to wreck, to crash, like in a car crash so a person that is chocosa is a female that rubs one the wrong way.

Answer 7

Salvadorean…and don’t know that word…sorry!

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