What does chim mean in vietnamese?

I know one meaning of chim is bird but I have a disagreement with my friend about the second meaning. I always thought that chim means ρʊ.ꜱꜱɣ but my friend says it means Ԁıc̫ҡ instead. I grew up learning that cac and cu means Ԁıc̫ҡ but lon, buom, and chim means ρʊ.ꜱꜱɣ. Please let me know who is right regarding the definition of chim. Thanks.

It means bird. It also means ρʊ.ꜱꜱɣ or ѵɑɠıռɑ

Source(s): Linguistics student

Hello people – I have had a Vietnamese girlfriend for 4 years and can confirm that chim definitely means ρʊ.ꜱꜱɣ or ѵɑɠıռɑ – 90% of the time just ρʊ.ꜱꜱɣ. Hope this helps!

Depends how you use it.

Con chim means bird

But in slang term, it means ρʊ.ꜱꜱɣ.

Translations say it means this

Chim Means


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