What does Bndover Circ With Pre Hrng mean?

My boyfriend was charged with unlawful possession of firearm he was previously charged with his first offense of Robbery 1 that got dropped to Robbery 2. He served 3 of a 6 yr consecutive sentence. Which means he has violated his parole or probation. I’m told the evidence against him in a Facebook live video that shows him in possession of the gun. But the witness reported him anonymously. What could this mean for him? Is the bound circ good or bad?

It means you have crappy taste in guys and picked a major loser who is going to go away for 10 + years. Wash your hands of that piece of trash and find somebody who DOESN’T have a criminal record for felonies! You know someone who has never been to jail and has a good steady job.
Oh don’t bother wasting your money on this guy, it also means that he is not able to be bailed out and only a major fool would be stupid enough to bail anyone like that out. Clearly he isn’t cill apable of staying out of trouble and even was so proud of himself (only further goes to show his extreme stupidity) to post a video of his ill gotten gains on facebook to brag about it!

Literally, it is short for “Bound over to Circuit Court with a Preliminary Hearing”
A parole violation wouldn’t require circuit court, so it sounds like they are going to charge him with felon in possession of a firearm. Then, they will schedule a hearing to have his parole revoked. That means prison for the remainder of his 6 year sentence plus add on whatever he gets for being in possession of a firearm.
You asked if it is good or bad. I think it’s good, but you may think otherwise.

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