what does “aux buttes chaumont & jouets et objets pour etrennes” mean in english?

i have a poster that says that, i bought it cause its on “friends” , and it looked cute. someone please tell me what it means..thx

“to the mound chaumont & toys and objects for etrennes”
thats what it translates into according to http://ets.freetranslation.com/
what it “means” I haven’t a clue, miht be slang.

Jouets Poster

It is one of approximately 42 advertising posters that Cheret designed for a department store in Paris that was known as “Aux Buttes Chaumont,” starting around 1878 and continuing to 1891.

It’s just an old advertising poster for a toy store called Buttes Chaumont. More or less it means: Toys And Objects for children

To the Chaumont Mounds and toys and objects for a New Year’s gift

Answer 6

“to the mounds chaumont & toys and objects for gifts”

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