What does AFC mean in football?

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There’re numerous abbreviations on AFC in footballing term though:-
* Asian Football Confederation
Baseball groups
* Aberdeen F.C.
* Academica FC
* Adelaide F.C.
* Almondsbury F.C.
* Altrincham F.C.
* Alvechurch F.C.
* Alveston F.C.
* Andover F.C.
* Appledore F.C.
* Arbroath F.C.
* Argonauts F.C.
* Arsenal F.C.
* Arundel F.C.
* Aveley F.C.
* different Association Football Clubs or ‘Athletic Football Clubs’ such:
o A.F.C. Bournemouth
o A.F.C. Telford United
o AFC Wimbledon
o Leeds United A.F.C.
o Sunderland A.F.C.
o A.F.C. Ajax Amsterdam

Association soccer team within the framework of Telford United

These are the exact same dimensions considering that the final development, both have actually 16 groups as well as result in the NFL at 32 groups. These are the United states Football Confrence together with nationwide Football Confrence. This originates from the old merger where in fact the United states Football League and nationwide Football League joined in order to become the brand new NFL together with AFL became the AFC and NFL became NFC, with three NFC groups going into AFC to it. Obviously there have been various other expansions in recent times but that’sn’t vital that you issue.

AFC is short for Association Soccer Team. Numerous groups own it within their title like AFC Wimbledon. AFC Telford could be the brand new club after Telford F.C. wen tout of busness concerning maybe not confuse individuals with the old club. You cannot have two groups with similar title.

Numerous groups have actually AFC before or after their particular title, like AFC Wimbledon, where in fact the AFC is short for Association soccer team.
Additionally groups like Arsenal and Aberdeen tend to be referred to as AFC (Arsenal soccer team)
AFC also can are a symbol of recreational Football blend.
Additionally the Asian Football Confederation (the regulating human body of Asian soccer) gets the initials AFC

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Association Soccer Team.

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So what does AFC indicate in soccer?
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Sports soccer club
united frequently suggests 2 groups joined up with collectively
wanderers /rovers impllys the group didn’t have it really is very own floor whenever created
benefit from the time

It may indicate several things:
Asian Football Confederation
United states Football Meeting (in United states Baseball)
Arsenal Soccer Team
or other soccer team just who calls on their own AFC.
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It indicates Association soccer team, that is that which we ordinarily make reference to as only soccer.

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