What does Aeria Gloris mean?

What language is it?

It looks like it is supposed to be Latin, but the second word is not correct. Latin is an inflected language and the case endings determine how a word is translated in the sentence. Aeria is an adjective – the A ending makes it either a feminine nominative/ablative singular, or a neuter nominative/accusative plural. Gloris is not an accurate form of any Latin word. Gloria is the closest word I could find, which would be gloriis in the feminine dative/ablative plural. Which would not go with the first word all that well. “Lofty things to glorious deeds” is the best way that could be translated (using aeria as a neuter nominative plural). But it would be pronounced with the extra i sound – glor-ee-ees, not glor-ees. So if your source does not pronounce the extra syllable, then it is not a real Latin word.

aerius -a -um [belonging to the air, airy]; hence [high in the air, lofty]

gloria -ae f. [fame, renown, glory]. Transf., of a member of a group, [the pride, the glory; desire of glory, ambition, boastfulness]; plur. [glorious deeds]

Aeria Gloris

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What does Aeria Gloris mean?
What language is it?

I think that many things get lost in translation when it comes to interpreting Japanese to English. Even though the subtitled lyrics from Inner Space read “AERIA GLORIS”, there is no real form of Latin meaning in neither the old (or) new Latin Languages for GLORIS. My best guess is that they meant to say “AERIA GLORIA”, which makes sense to me because it means “AERIAL GLORY” since the main character has incredible abilities through Cyborg Enhancements. To me, the song hauntingly reverberates, “Watch in awe, watch in awe. Aerial glory, aerial glory.” It is truly a beautiful song that is very hard to get out of your head.

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hmm…yeah gloris is not latin…but if someone made a typo, i could be gloria (assuming they hit the s instead of the a). In that case, it would mean aerial glory. My dictionary doesn’t give any connotations to aer or aerius that might make it mean heavenly glory, though. Also, they may have left out an i, so it could be gloriis. In that case it could be “(a woman) airborne with glories”. Out of context though it’s hard to say.

Answer 6

If the spelling is right then “gloris” is from a Late Latin word “glos” which means “sister in law”.

This still leaves us with a phrase that seems to be saying “sister in law’s lofty things”

aeria can mean airy,lofty,through the air, etc.

If there are misspellings in the phrase, the other possibilities are covered in the earlier answers.

Source(s): Oxford Latin Dictionary – Lewis & Short

Answer 7

gloris is not Latin, but it looks close. Check your spelling. aeria – of/produced in/existing in/flying in air, airborne/aerial; towering, airy; blue

It sounds Latin. The only word I understand is Gloris which means “fame”. I think “Aeria” is a proper name.

Well, there’s a discussion here

and this person thinks it means “Heavenly Glory”

but neither word is standard Latin, at least not classical Latin.


Sirolg Airea?


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