What does ACK stand for?

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I know it’s the three letter code for the Nantucket Airport, but does it actually stand for something?

ACK has many meanings. It is indeed the airport code for Nantucket Airport, but in that context it has no specific meaning (it’s just that the more obvious ones like “NUN” were already taken).
The most common meaning in computer science is as shorthand for “Acknowledge”, and this meaning has also spread outside of computer science in some circles.

Ack Nantucket

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What’s Ack? ACK are the official call letters for Nantucket Municipal Airport.The Airport code “ACK” was assigned by the FAA (Federal Aviation Adminstration) as the letter “N” is reserved for Military airport installations.The Airport was originally a key US Army Air Corps (as it was called) training base during WWII. The base was important because it best simulated conditions pilots would face in Europe ( fog, low ceilings, etc). Presently the airport is the seventh busiest in New England next to Logan Airport in Boston,Bradley (Hartford),TF Green (Providence),Manchester,Portland (ME),Burlington, and Bangor. “ACK” has become a popular symbol of Nantucket. Now you know what ACK is!

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What does ACK stand for?
I know it’s the three letter code for the Nantucket Airport, but does it actually stand for something?

ACK are the FAA call letters for the airport taken from the original airstrip called “Ackerman Field”

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Were you anywhere on the East Coast, near Nantucket, MA, by chance?

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What does ACK stand for?

ACK stands for “Acknowledgement of receipt”. This term is used in communications protocols to indicate that the receiving end has received the message and is now ready to process it.

What is ACK?

ACK stands for “Acknowledge.” When your computer sends an ACK signal back to the sender of a message, it means that you have received the message and can now continue with what you were doing.

How ACK Can Affect Your Health

ACK stands for “Acknowledgment receipt.” ACKs are a communication protocol used in TCP/IP-based networks. They are used to let the sender know that the data has been received and is being processed.

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When you send an ACK, it lets the other party know that you have received their message and that the data is being processed. If you don’t send an ACK, the other party assumes that the message was not received and will resend it.

If your computer is not receiving packets sent by a remote server, it will eventually send an ACK back to tell the remote server that it has stopped receiving packets. This can cause problems because if your computer doesn’t receive an ACK from the remote server, it will assume that there is a problem with the connection and will close down the connection.

What to do If You Suspect You Have ACK

If you suspect that you have received an ACK packet in your network traffic, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the situation.

First, check the MTU size of the interface that is transmitting the traffic. If the size is smaller than the MTU size used by the network, then packets may be fragmented and reassembled on the wire before they reach their destination. Windows Vista and 7 will try to set the MTU to 1492 bytes by default, but this may not work with some networks. You can modify this setting in Network and Sharing Center (Windows XP) or in Control Panel > network connections (Windows 8).

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Second, make sure that all devices on your network are using the same default gateway address. If you have multiple routers or switches in your network, make sure each device has been configured with the same IP address and gateway. For PCs, this address is normally found in the System Properties window under “System Information” or “Advanced System Settings.”


ACK stands for “aesthetic control key.” It is a software program used by professional photographers to improve their images. ACK helps photographers to make better selections of exposure, color, and sharpness automatically.

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