What does 925 la mean on my ring?

On jewelry, 925 means just what purity of gold has been utilized. 925 is typical for jewelry. I really do perhaps not understand what la implies right here. You will want to go into a jewellery shop 1 day when they’re perhaps not hectic, they are going to most likely inform you free of charge.

925 Los Angeles Precious Jewelry

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So what does 925 la suggest to my band?

925 implies just how much gold is within it. It’s not 100per cent gold, which isn’t allowed to be. 925 suggests that it really is gold. In the event that you got it from tiffany&co’s formal web site, it will be genuine. It’s going to oftimes be phony in the event that you purchase is from elsewhere because tiffany jewellery is offered in tiffany shop plus the formal web site.

It is short for a Trademark : trademark by L.A. GEM AND JEWELERY DESIGN, INC. in la, CA, 90014
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