What does $18.00 base-appt mean?

I got a letter from Vector. So how much money will I make per hour..or is it a commisioned job

It is intentionally confusing. It makes you think you will make $18 per hour. You will not make that much.
You will be selling $700 sets of knives door-to-door. That was hard in good times. Now it is impossible. THe same set of knives is $90 at the store.
Vector makes every new hire buy a set of “demo” knives for $143. The knives cost Vector $12. THis is the heart of the scam. They run the entire business to sell products to their sales staff.
Vector is not good about paying their sales staff. Many complaints.
Which makes the $18 into a joke.

Base Appt Vector

It means you make $18.00 for every appointment you do with a client. You have to make these appointments with the client or customer. With Vector you start working with people you know and then asking them if they know anyone else who would be interested in cutco…the product Vector sells.

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