What do you think of Dr. Robert Cassar?

Here’s a pic http://live-green-smoothie-diet.com/angelaleeds/wp…

Well… I’m a little puzzled to be honest. No, I hadn’t heard of him.
Does he claim to be a medical doctor? Because I think with this single sentence about his visible veins he proves he’s no such thing ”If you cant see these veins means you have some sort of a pollutant or some type of a creature that’s actually making it so you can’t see your body or see through your body,,,”. Eh?
David Wolfe, the ‘health expert’ who introduces the video, speaks in awed tones of an incredible example of longevity. I assumed we were going to meet a 98 year old at least, and having seen the picture in your first link I thought yes, that’s extraordinary.
But he’s fifty. 50. Five oh.
Sorry, it’s no great achievement – he’s 6 years younger than I am and I don’t consider myself old. He’s a relatively young man. Sure, he’s very, very fit, and that’s good. But not exceptional.
And while I couldn’t watch it right to the end, there were no pictures of him when overweight or with the crippling injuries he was claimed to have overcome.
You should always approach testimonials like this with a healthy degree of scepticism and your BS detector in working order.
As I say, I didn’t watch it right to the end. Were they trying to sell us something?
Edit* Veganwytch, while I was watching and typing you said exactly what I was thinking

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I don’t think he is that impressive. He is still young, I was expecting him to be an 80 year old man, with that strength. I’ve seen Vegans and even meat eaters with that strength and vitality. So really, not impressive at all. When he is 85 and still as strong and healthy as he is right now, then ask me again.


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