What do tatiana mean in Spanish?

Relating to Wikipedia “Tatiana” is of Roman source indicating “fairy queen” that Spanish is “reina de las hadas”.

Determined this: the woman’s subject Tatiana t(a)-tia-na is pronounced tah-sh’-AHN-ah. It really is of Russian and Latin starting point. Feminine as a type of Tatius, a Roman nearest and dearest clan title. A king through this title had been claimed to own reigned within the Sabines in addition to Romans using the famous Romulus. In addition a saint’s determine. Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg called the woman 2nd child Tatiana. See in addition Tiana. Actress Tatyana Ali; opera megastar Tatiana Troyannos. Tatiana features eleven variant types: Tania, Tanya, Tati, Tatianna, Tatie, Tatijana, Tatiyana, Tatjana, Tatyana, Tatyanna and Tonya this is of this title Tatiana is Fairy Queen The starting point of this determine Tatiana is Russian

Tatiana is a title; it does not indicate something in Spanish, nor does it originate from Spanish. I really believe Tatiana is much more of a Russian title in source, or something like that like this. It is not Spanish though.

Its simply a title

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