what do I do with the Hollister Co application ID?

I put in an application at Hollister and I got an application ID at the end. I want to check on it because they ask for specific dates for the interview and I made it for this friday, but I haven’t gotten a phone call or email about it… help?

There is nothing you can do with it.
If you were recruited they may call you before the interview (most likely the night before) but if they don’t still go to the interview, it’s a group interview anyways

Source(s): I work at A&F, used to work at Hollister

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The job title may be misleading but on the application there are descriptions of what a person of each job title does and you probably should have read it. Also they describe the position to you in the interview. A model is the person at the door but it’s also the people at the register and on the floor. It’s possible that they may want you as a model. If they choose to hire you for impact ask if you can reapply to be a model instead. And the “demoted to working in the back” comment was completely unnecessary and rude. Models and Impactors are on the same level and although I work on the floor I know that the impactors are the backbone of the store

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Job applications are always tough – how should you fill them out? Should you follow them up when there is no reply? I suggest there’s no one answer but the site in the box below has some really awesome instruction about this. It certainly helped me when I was composing job applications recently, plus they have extra stuff on job seeking.

There is really nothing you can do with it, its just for your records, id just call the local store you applied for and ask them.

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