What do I do if I still have a Robinson’s May gift card??

Can I use my gift card @ Macy’s ?

Yes you can in the store. I had actually tried to use it On-Line but could not b/c the Robinson’s May cards had less numbers so the web site kept rejecting it. But went into the store and it was no problem.

Stephen R. Donaldson’s Gap Series. It’s a masterpiece of character development, and a character-driven, exciting plot that twists and turns without ever seeming formulaic (*cough DaVinci Code cough*). I can think of maybe twenty characters off the top of my head from those five books alone (actually, they’re more like one really long book, and it’s important to read them in order, unlike some series) that he thoroughly develops. Even his “side” characters that are only explored in a single chapter can be more stirring and complex than the main characters of wildly successful, other works. Responses to other comments: The Gunslinger and the Dark Tower series by King were absolutely amazing. And I LIKED the Mode series! I was on the young side when I read it, though. And Good Omens and the Hitchhiker’s Guide are, of course, priceless.

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