What did the color blue symbolize in flemish painting?

What did the colour blue symbolize in flemish portray? a. the blood of christ b. the final judgment c. the holy spirit d. christ’s royal heritage

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The right reply is D. Christ Royal HeritageThe painters use oil medium and utilized it primarily to painting a sturdy and realistically detailed imaginative and prescient of the world. This sort of artwork was each symbolic and lifelike. Jan van Eyck is among the well-known Flemish painters.

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Reply Christ’s royal heritage Rationalization:

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The reply is choice D. Rationalization: Mary was a direct relative of King David which gave Jesus the privilege to rise the Jewish honored place, each via Mary and thru choice by his non-permanent dad, Joseph.On this means, the parentage of Christ in Luke is basically the lineage of Mary, whereas Matthew provides that of Joseph. So each one of many ages from Abraham to David are fourteen ages; and from David till the diverting into Babylon are fourteen ages; and from the diverting into Babylon unto Christ are fourteen ages. With the purpose that is 42 ages.

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D. Christ’s royal heritage

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