What did the athlete order when he needed a huge of mashed potatoes?

The athlete will order A portion of mashed potatoes please. Step-by-step explanation: Given the following letters p, p, r, o, m, n, t, o, i We have to unscramble the following above letters and make the word that is used by athlete to order when he needed a huge helping of mashed potatoes. hence, the word which is formed with the help of above letters used by athlete is portion. Hence, the athlete will order A portion of mashed potatoes please.

He ordered mashed potatoes but since hes an athlete he might have made sure it had a good amount of caarbohydrates to give him energy

I think it is proportion

I think the answer is portion

It os you tube er butt that is no the a education answer lol becth

Answer 6

It’s generally recommended that athletes consume approximately 30 percent of their daily calories. It is not at all the fixed amount of calories since different athletes playing in different type of games require different amount of calories. For those athletes that require more than 1 hour of continuous activity like the marathon runners, the amount of calorie required to consume far exceeds 30 percent. In case of normal games player activity normally does not continue for an hour. They do get breaks in the middle.

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Answer 7

It’s commonly known that athlete need to watch their calorie intake carefully so he can train effectively and perform on their best condition hope this helps

Well, of course anything that involves or contains a large percentage of mashes potatoes! I hope this helped? ~~♡♡chyna

A portion of mashed potatoes

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