What conditions would most likely cause thunderstorms?

What circumstances would most definitely trigger thunderstorms? 1.dry and sizzling 2.humid and sizzling 3.chilly and dry 4. chilly and humid

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2. humid and sizzling I do know as a result of I simply answered it myself

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The reply is 2: Humid and sizzling.

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Humid and Sizzling Clarification:

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A. elevated competitors for sources Clarification:

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it is a river flowing into the ocean Clarification: i had it on a quiz for k12 on god it is the great one have day

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The situation that will most definitely trigger a lower within the salinity of ocean water is a river flowing into the ocean. This might make the salinity lower, as a result of rivers a recent water and haven’t any salt in them. Since ocean water is made up of salt, water with no salt mixing with water with quite a lot of salt will trigger a lower within the salinity. I do know this reply, as a result of I took a quiz on this, and the proper reply was a river flowing into the ocean.

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A. competitors for sources most definitely will trigger one competing species to lower in inhabitants as they won’t have entry to mentioned sources to outlive.

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A. Elevated competitors for sources

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Chilly dry air and heat moist air. The nice and cozy air rises by way of the chilly air and kinds clouds. The stronger the variations between air plenty; the extra doubtless {that a} thunderstorm will type. Nevertheless, when the air plenty are very completely different, tremendous cell thunderstorms happen and might produce tornadoes.

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The reply is a, the remainder would assist them

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