What are the red crunchy strips at Taco Bell?

Which are the purple crunchy pieces that Taco Bell provides you with along with their salads. They truly are like red-colored tortilla pieces but, they have a sweet flavor in their mind. Am I able to purchase some type of salty/sweet tasting tortillas when you look at the shop like those?

Red passed away and thin-cut tortilla pieces.
You can aquire purple tortillas and deep-fry all of them.
Include sugar and sodium.

Its actually fairly simple. Its only pieces of nachos, as opposed to the triangle processor chip form. We fry after that it coat it with a particular lime seasoning. I am sure you can find comparable products in the marketplace, but the reason why try using those? Hold returning towards preferred taco bell!

tortilla potato chips which were unnaturally colored red

It is in reality a lime seasoning on it

Had been contemplating the solution also

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