What are the Pros and Cons of dating/marrying a correctional officer?

My boyfriend just became a correctional officer, and I was wondering what everyone think the pros and cons on this are. If you have experience with a correctional officer then even better! Thanks guys

That is a job. Judge a person on who they are.
He will be the same person with or without that job.

One major pro is most people go home at night after a mundane office job where all they’ve accomplished is serving a boss they (usually) don’t like. When you work in Law Enforcement, you go home at night leaving the world a little different than the way it was when you went into work. The sheer feeling of helping someone in need, or the adrenaline of persuing “the bad guy” and bringing justice where it’s needed outweighs any con I can think of.

Pros: He has a job, and a secure one too.
Cons: Correctional facilities are more often than not located in the middle of BF nowhere. He could be working and living in the sticks, which is where you too will live if you are married.

What pros and cons. Their not cops just rough house nurse maids at some place were normal regular people don’t live. Cons are maybe someone will beat the **** out of him one day with a home made object.

My ex (did ya hear that ..my EX!) is/was a corrections officer, and like any other law enforcement job it comes with alot of stress.. He became mean, moody and withdrawn.. Inmates would threaten to kill me and our kids when they were angry with him.. They even would tell him what kind of car I drove to prove they knew how to get at us! Aother con is the crappy pay and lousy benefits. And out of this crappy pay he’d have to pay HUGE union dues. The inmates had beter medical coverage than we did!
EDIT< Please watch out for his mental health. If you see him getting mean or depressed have him get help immediately!

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My dad is one, and he gets really moody.
If something happens at work, he usually takes it out on us. He wasn’t depressed and moody before he started working, but it slowly developed, and most of his friends who work with him are the same way.
But he has some pros too, although I can’t think of any..

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Some women who work in correctional institutions run off with inmates, but so far, I don’t know if any of the men run of with female inmates (or male inmates).

one of the bad things is the salary. they only get about $39’000 a year.

He’ll have handcuffs *raises eyebrows*.

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