What are the Pros and Cons of a newspaper delivery job?

I was just hired to work as a newspaper deliverer, and I have never done it before. People have given me mixed messages about the job, such as 1) the money is good, 2) the job ꜱᴜcκs, 3) the money is worth it for the time, 4) you will be exhausted, etc.

Pro: You will be making money.
Con: It won’t be fun delivering in bad weather. If you drive, paying for gas will cut into your profits. Dogs might bite you.

Same as other comments you listed above too.

I had a paper route when I was 12. I was paid so little that it wasn’t even funny (WAY below minimum wage), but I didn’t realize it at the time and there were no other jobs I could get. Now I make more in one hour than I used to make in two weeks of paper delivery. Plus it is hard to find substitutes and people complain about not getting a paper when they really did get it and stuff like that. One perk is that some people will give you money or food at Christmas. It will probably build your work ethic and make you appreciate money more in the future. It will give you work experience to help you get your next job. If you buy a bicycle or pair of shoes or anything like that, you can write it off your taxes as a business expense. Taxes might get tricky because when I did it, they said I was an independent contractor (which I really shouldn’t have been legally) so they wouldn’t have to pay their half of the medicare/social security tax.

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simply put you dont have a life,you work everyday except for christmas,you dont go on vacation because if you do you loose your job,in canada you have to work through the winter storm with winds of up to 60km/hr and when someone works up the first complaint in their life is I cant find my paper,you have to be really desperate to hang on,however on the other side you drive at night and in most cases break all driving rules available dont panic its just part of the job because you all by yourself ,for once you are the king,the money used to be good (obviously the more you deliver the better) and then there is the freedom of working without some miserable boss breathing down your neck, you also get to choose how you want to go about your route as long by the end of your run you delivered to whoever was supposed to get the paper. Christmas time can be good too you do get people who appreciate your service(depends on that one), otherwise lots of great and appreciative people,over the years have made some acquaintances mostly elderly people and its been wonderful experiences,

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and don’t forget to find out who get you a back up in case you get sick (I used to have to deliver my sons route when he was sick unless he could find a friend who knew the route and then he had to pay them too) And on that same note – it is 6 days per week so hard to take a weekend vacation with your friends or summer time off

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