What are the different types of “-mancers”?

I know there’s Pyromancer, Necromancer, and Technomancer, but what are the other ones for the other elements?

Spiritmancer, Electromancer, Frostmancer, Aquamancer, and Terramancers

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Geomancer, Hydromancer, Aeromancer, Electromancer.

Fulgurmancer = Lightening mage
Necromancer = Death mage
Pyromancer = that creepy flamethrower guy from… nevermind, Fire mage
Hydromancer = Water mage
Aeromancer = Air mage
Dracomancer = Dragon mage
Geomancer = Earth mage
Felismancer = Cat mage (kidding)
Anguismancer = Serpent mage
Sangumancer = Blood mage

Infinite amounts of them, just put one word before it, and its a wizard of it, but there are some popular choice for names of them however.

Such and Ice one would be a Cryomancer

An Earth may be called a Terramancer

Air would be Areomancer

Water would be Aquamancer

Most of these derive from the latin words for these things, Except for Necro and possibly Techno, as the latin word for Death is Mortuus


Answer 6

pretty much every latin or greek prefix that you can think of.
aeromancer (air), hydromancer (water), pathomancer (emotions), visomancer (strength, brute force), animancer (animation of objects/substances), atermancer (darkness, shadows), fulgurmancer (lightning, electricity), gaiamancer (earth), biomancer (living creatures/plants), dynamancer (power), illumancer (light), solamancer (sun, sunlight), lunamancer (moon, moonlight), scaphomancer (metal, metalworking), simulacrumancer (illusions), mutatiomancer (transformation, shapeshifting) etc.
there are many more, basically one for just about anything you can think of.

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Answer 7

add a latin or greek prefix or make up your own, like technomancer or necromancer, which are not from either of the two languages.


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