What are the basic shapes into which astronomers classify most galaxies?

What are the essential shapes into which astronomers classify most galaxies? irregular elliptical cluster spiral spherical choose greater than 1 !

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The reply is irregular, elliptical, spiral.

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The right reply is choice A – irregular  , Choice B- elliptical and choice D – Spiral Motive – Based on astronomer Edwin Hubble, the galaxies in our universe have 4 courses particularly – spiral, barred spiral, elliptical and irregular.
Spiral galaxies have a bulge form on the heart whereas the sides are flattened, A barred spiral galaxy has a bar-shaped stars’ group that transfer across the heart of the galaxy, Elliptical galaxy has  easy, oval-shaped look with out disk and arm and Irregular galaxies are neither spiral nor elliptical.

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Astronomers normally classify galaxies in three primary shapes that are spiral, elliptical, and irregular Rationalization: Galaxy is a system of thousands and thousands or billions of stars, along with gasoline and dirt, held collectively by gravitational attraction. Galaxies exist in many alternative sizes, shapes and brightness. They could exist alone or in bigger teams known as clusters. Galaxies are divided into three primary sorts: spirals, elliptical and irregulars. The Milky Manner is a spiral galaxy the place we dwell.

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Spiral barred spiral elliptical and irregular

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Sprial, elliptical and irregular…

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