What are some dark/depressing/morbid Latin phrases?

Morituri te salutant.
Those planning to perish salute you.
In aere amarus est.
Bitterness is within the environment.

Dark Latin Expressions

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What exactly are some dark/depressing/morbid Latin expressions?

Black Words

*momento mori- keep in mind could perish
*Requiescat in speed- sleep in serenity
*Morituri te salutant- those planning to perish salute you
*Deus mortuus est!- god is lifeless!
*rigor mortis-the rigidity of demise
*in morte ultima veritas, vincit veritas in omni re-in demise is the better truth, the facts will overcome all
*dulce et decorum est pro patri mori-it is nice and straight to perish for the nation(usually sarcastic)
*debitum naturae- financial obligation of nature
*corpora lente augescent cito extinguuntur -bodies develop gradually and perish rapidly
*bellum internecinum -Internecine war
in addition discovered this picture which also has many of those: http://latin-phrases.co.uk/quotes/

Answer 6

Pathetic concern

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