what are some cute phrases?ex: whats the plan stan? too bad so sad..?

I was looking for some cute phrases that people say… usually rhyming or something…

See ya! Wouldn’t wanna be ya!

Sorry Charlie
Goodnight Cartwright
Get on the bus Gus
Do you see Lee?

Do you have a craze..
for the phrase..
now is the right time
to frame a phrase..
Today was a nice day..
for the day began with
a windy dusty sunny day.
and had good food ..all the day
hope you too had a nice day..
which was a cute good day..

See you later Alligator,
After a while Crocodile,
Not too soon Big Baboon

I often say: What’s the hub, bub?
Also, have added a couplet (it’s not my original) to this:
Good night, sleep tight.
Don’t let the bed bugs bite.
If they do, grab a shoe
and beat them ’til they’re black and blue.

Answer 6

Well, here’s one that I made up myself:
Whenever I accidentally say something that rhymes, I say to the person I’m talking to “I’m a poet and you know it”

Answer 7

you really want to sound cheesy honey? why?

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